I am a second year illustration student  in the South of England whose work focuses around storyboard, concept art, poster design and illustration.
My previous qualifications include GCSES in both art and textiles, A Levels in business, textiles and English Language, as well as an additional A Level in the Extended project; with the subject of “Women’s fashion in the early 20th century.” 
I am currently studying the units; Visual Culture; Cult Film & Postmodernism, Professional Skills Development, Social Sequences Print Menagerie and Bookworks.
 In year one; Introduction to Visual Culture, Research Methodology, Line, Colour & Development and Narrative Illustration were covered.
I have been a part of two group exhibitions thus far; a historical fashion exhibition in college and a book cover design exhibition in the first year of university. 
My interests include Marvel, animation, comics, embroidery and writing. 
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